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Dec 31, 2012 1:30pm EST
, maybe the all-time great experience was my houston office, led my jason fuller. and we got a call in the dallas office, and so the houston and dallas offices together did this. so we got a call in the dallas office from a woman in mississippi, and she said i didn't know who else to call but i knew senator hutchison's name. and my son is having a -- an asthma attack. in houston. and i don't know how to get him the help he needs. he's in his apartment by himself. and my staff said please give me the information, and we will call our houston office and we will see if we can get help. which they did, called the houston office. the houston office called 911, they went out to the young man's apartment, and he was, in fact, in a dire circumstance, and would have died had he not gotten help right away. but they took him in, they gave him the help that he needed, and that man -- young man is alive today. so this -- these instances are some of the great memories that i will have of having a wonderful staff that will go the extra mile and try to help the individuals in our state as well as o
Dec 1, 2012 10:15am EST
speech. we had some cases we had the houston state university case, free-speech they were made to tear it down by the campus. we have a video about we work with them on and whether it is -- then there is the phenomenon of the free speech zones which some philosophy students don't know about. they restrict freedom of speech to a tiny areas on campus. one of my early experiences fighting these was texas tech university where 28,000 students, one of the largest universities in the country contacted by in time for mix students who wanted to have a protest of what was going to be and they are being told that they have to get into a 20 feet wide gazebo which was the only place for free-speech activities on campus. 28,000 students. i had a friend who is a math degree from mit who did an analysis of this and worked out if god forbid all 28,000 students wish to express themselves at once you would have to crush them down to a rhenium of 238. [laughter] very serious like no, no, to 38. so that's -- the universities are allowed a reasonable time restrictions, things that allow people to study but
Dec 8, 2012 8:00am EST
and medicaid to september of 1970 when the american hospital association held its annual meeting in houston, texas. the american hospital association, or the h a, you may have heard of them, they're not as well-known but very powerful lobbying group on behalf of private hospitals in the u.s. for over a century. the 1970 meeting turned out to be unlike any they had ever had before because the hospital delegates were greeted by picket lines of mostly african-american women and children who were carrying signs and chanting things like equal treatment for medicaid patients and hospital care for the poor. they represented the national welfare rights organization, a grass-roots group with thousands of welfare recipients and who are welfare mothers as they were sometimes called. this meeting of the hospital association in 1970 was the first major action the welfare rights movement campaign to stop discrimination against the port in the health-care system. the welfare mothers demanded to speak to the convention and eventually their request was granted a woman named geraldine smith who was the natio
Dec 16, 2012 2:00pm EST
with houston has come a serious ones. i believe arafat could've made a deal at oslo and there could've been peace. i am not naÏve. but i think the constant building of settlements is undermining israeli security, causing the world to condemn israel and invite to know what your answer is. disease risk is to keep the territories and rollover of the people? hybrid a two-day affair. what's your solution here? >> you have to read the chapter about the three state solution. but briefly i will answer it. my vision is his long-term vision and also in israel politicians who speak to you. but from enough and and i'll show you 20 days. i offer the opposite. i do vote for me now in the vote will be made in years. i don't and you will answered. nothing will happen tomorrow morning. my long-term vision speaks about three state for the palestinians have been to jordan. it will be negotiated with the israelis and palestinians and palestinians will be think that egypt. you have the muslim brotherhood and hamas with issues of sharia law, israel, u.s. poquoson nevermind. it would be allowed walk together and
Dec 22, 2012 9:00am EST
houston and every other city. i am referring more to that what i referred to earlier, that mystique detroit has, places like new orleans and handful of other cities and is hard to put your finger on what makes that essentials, what component plays into that. it is something to think about. >> we won't stop being detroit if we get our act together? >> definitely not get our act together but somehow it is more about paving over history. that is what i was getting at. >> we should probably take some questions from the audience. if there are any. come on, folks. you got to have questions. >> my name is marshall. i right under the name marcia music and i write a lot about detroit and i noticed that in your dialogue with one another a little bit ago that you seemed to me both of you, and perhaps based on your relationship with the media here to be trapped in some kind of crime for tax and seems to be a rabbit hole and you are going down because i have no doubt that this book probably has a great many more stories other than about the crime issue. do you find it to be very hard to avoid th
Dec 24, 2012 6:00pm EST
who is there that day. keever and his posse did they have backup. houston who'd grown up in a bible thumping family in the air force was stationed on the roof with a rifle. i was ready to shoot if necessary he recalled. i knew how to use a rifle from a military hillbilly background. not long afterwards, rico moved out never to be seen again. on another occasion, and unlike many other knitters members by their astrological nicknames witnessed a gangster roughing up his girlfriend on the street. we stepped in and said ferguson. we didn't tolerate that behavior. he beat a girl in a pay for. pathetic and a shotgun. big mistakes that ferguson who learned how to handle himself on the street after being kicked out of his family's house when he was just 16 peer be chastened like lightning down haight street and he kept pointing at me like he was going to shoot me. only we smashed him over the head and dumped them in a trash can on a must-have for that. good earth became a neighborhood battered by crime and decay and deserted by the city's authorities. some longtime residents like the free c
Dec 9, 2012 10:45pm EST
. [applause] also with us tonight is our terrific congressman from houston guy really is retiring after 26 years. [applause] are scum her supervisor, foy. [applause] for the city who are patient enough to go through the book signing line, just prior to the event this evening coming in at this wonderful woman to see woman is here with us today. she's the best selling "new york times" best-selling author. it is a gentleman, please join me in welcoming calista gingrich. [applause] we have with us tonight a very special guest. i know that if i were simply to get the typical dinner circuit introduction speaker did newt gingrich, the one where you list every accomplishment. i promise you it he here all night and even newt would get bored. his list of achievements and politics is involvement of lifelong learning. his expertise in national security matters, business ventures, philanthropic endeavors, dozens of books he's written just the list goes on and on. allow me for the moment to present that all of us here are well acquainted with the important milestones in the life of one newt gingrich. i
Dec 15, 2012 7:00pm EST
. >> right. >> you can't fault people for that. at the same time, i don't want detroit to look like houston or, you know, or every other city basically. >> right. >> except a handful of cities, so, you know, i guess i'm referring more to that, you know, what i guess what i referred to earlier, that mystique that detroit has that i think it shares with places like new orleans and handful of other cities, and it's hard to put your finger on, you know, you know, what makes that essential. you know, what components, you know, play into that exactly, but, yeah, it's just something to think about i guess. >> you don't think we'll stop being detroit if we get our act together and make things better? >> no, no, it's more about paving over haste ri, maybe, i think that's what -- history, maybe, i think that is what i was getting at completely. >> okay. yeah, we should probably take some questions from the audience. if there are any. come on, folks, you got to have questions. >> [inaudible] >> sure. >> i'm marsha music, and i read a lot about detroit, and i know that in your tie log with one another,
Dec 8, 2012 2:45pm EST
at the thought of having to fill his shoes. it is luxurious trying to fill whitney houston's shoes. fern was rather shocked that i knew who she reese was. i try to impress the younger generation. after a the moments of deflationary, ego and deflationary is more specific, i had to keep reminding myself that what i am doing and what i have done is not about ego gratification. .. >> there's an israel lobby on the one hand, and there's a jewish ethnic bloc on the other. the two entities, they often overlapped, and the clout, obviously, grows out of the jewish community's support for israel. but they are not the same. and conflating the two creates a lot of confusion. so if a jewish professor at columbia law school writes a journal article defending the legality of israeli settlements, it's almost certainly not because the lobby orders or even prodded the professor. but because of the professor's personal identification with the jewish state. it's not a conspiracy, it's just ethic chauvinism. however, whereas it's almost guaranteed that the israel lobby will back the israeli government's curr
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9